UJAAS' Menstrual Health Express: Bridging The Knowledge Gaps Across India

Menstrual Health Express

In the heart of India's cultural tapestry lies a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of women's health – menstrual hygiene. In a nation that prides itself on its rich traditions, breaking the silence surrounding menstruation has become a pivotal step toward empowering women.

"UJAAS' Menstrual Health Express," the upcoming initiative by UJAAS is a beacon of knowledge and awareness illuminating the Indian landscape.

“The Menstrual Health Express” is not just a movement; it's a testament to UJAAS' unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the narrative around menstruation. This pioneering initiative goes beyond distributing sanitary products.

UJAAS emerges as a guiding light, dispelling myths and empowering women with the knowledge they need to embrace their menstrual health confidently. 

Join us on this enlightening expedition as we explore UJAAS' Menstrual Health Express, a transformative force driving positive change in the lives of countless women across the diverse expanse of India.

Ujaas Menstrual Health Express - Why is it initiated?

As the sun rises over the diverse landscapes of India, so does a transformative force – UJAAS' Menstrual Health Express. This initiative transcends conventional boundaries, embarking on a journey to bridge critical knowledge gaps surrounding menstrual health nationwide. It delves into the heart of communities, fostering education and destigmatizing the conversation around periods. 

In a country deeply rooted in tradition, where conversations around menstruation have long been veiled in silence and stigma, UJAAS emerges as a beacon of enlightenment.

The Reality Around Menstruation in Indian Society

As we dive deeper into the realms of menstrual health in India, startling facts and figures paint a poignant picture. According to the World Bank, approximately 23% of Indian girls drop out of school when they reach puberty, largely due to the lack of access to menstrual hygiene products and proper education on the subject. 

UJAAS, recognizing this alarming reality, has emerged as a harbinger of change. UJAAS will touch millions of lives in India with its groundbreaking initiative – the Menstrual Health and Hygiene Express.

On a mission to create awareness on menstrual health across India

Destigmatizing Menstruation: UJAAS' Bold Approach

The Menstrual Health Express directly addresses ingrained stigma, creating a space where open discussions about menstruation are not just accepted but actively promoted. UJAAS' approach recognizes that education is the cornerstone of change, and by dispelling myths and misconceptions surrounding menstruation, the initiative aims to empower people across the nation. 

Till today, UJAAS has already conducted 6500+ awareness sessions in different schools in cities as well as remote sections of Maharashtra. These numbers will continue to grow with the journey of UJAAS’ Menstrual Health Express throughout the country in the coming days.

Period Poverty: A Silent Epidemic

UNICEF reports that a staggering 71% of adolescent girls in India remain unaware of menstrual hygiene practices. The repercussions of this lack of awareness extend beyond education, reaching into the socio-economic fabric of the nation. Period poverty, and the inability to afford or access menstrual hygiene products, further exacerbate the challenges faced by women. UJAAS' Menstrual Hygiene Express will address this silent epidemic by not only providing sanitary products but also by imparting essential knowledge that empowers women to manage their menstrual health effectively.

Extensive Pad Distribution Campaign in Maharashtra

Recognizing the pressing gap in period management Ujaas, and Stayfree, one of India's leading menstrual hygiene brands, have united to address the problem faced by underprivileged girls across 9 districts in Maharashtra. 

This dynamic partnership not only entails the distribution of 500,000 Stayfree Secure XL pads but also marks the initiation of comprehensive workshops on Menstrual Health and Hygiene management within schools throughout the state.

This collaboration has strategically focused its efforts on the 9 districts in Maharashtra, including Mumbai, Palghar, Pune, Satara, Yavatmal, Aurangabad, Nandurbar, Amravati, and Washim. This widespread distribution initiative will supply menstrual pads, empowering individuals experiencing menstruation to autonomously and respectfully handle their menstrual cycles.

As of today, UJAAS has provided more than 2,575,348 sanitary napkins, positively impacting over 205,463 lives through its dedication to promoting a healthy, hygienic, and dignified menstrual experience.

Beyond Pads: Ujaas' Holistic Approach to Menstrual Health Education

This collaboration goes beyond mere distribution, as Ujaas is committed to conducting awareness sessions alongside the pad distribution initiative. These comprehensive workshops aim to educate menstruators on the significance of menstrual health and hygiene practices, dispelling long-standing stigmas and misconceptions surrounding menstruation

Ujaas believes that true empowerment comes not just from providing products but from fostering knowledge and breaking down societal barriers.

A Vision for Change: Catalyzing Societal Perspectives

Ujaas, driven by its dedication to catalyzing profound changes in societal perspectives, engages in grassroots endeavors that extend beyond awareness sessions. The initiative actively promotes menstrual health education to both girls and boys, ensuring that comprehensive knowledge becomes a cornerstone of a progressive and informed society. By championing product accessibility and empowering educators, Ujaas envisions a future where menstruation is not a source of shame but a natural and celebrated aspect of life.

UJAAS’ Menstrual Health Express - The Commitment

The “Menstrual Health Express”, by UJAAS is going to change the menstrual health and hygiene cycle in the Indian landscape in a true sense. Starting from generating awareness, and eradicating the taboos around menstruation to bringing affordability to the underprivileged, UJAAS is going to continue its Express journey throughout 25 states, 100+ cities, and 10,000+ kilometers nationwide. 

The National Institute of Health highlights the direct link between menstrual hygiene and reproductive health. UJAAS, recognizing this connection, works tirelessly to ensure that menstruators not only have access to sanitary products but also understand the importance of proper menstrual hygiene practices.

Extensive Pad Distribution Campaign Throughout the Nation

Since its inception, UJAAS has been working for access to menstrual health products for the underprivileged. Hence, while traveling to 100+ cities and 25 states in India the UJAAS Express will reach millions of Indians and run an extensive pad distribution campaign (more than 2,50,00 pads free of cost across the country).

UJAAS in Action: A Nationwide Impact

The NIH reveals that only 58% of women in India use sanitary napkins during their periods. UJAAS, with its fleet of mobile education units, will travel across the country, reaching the farthest corners and most underserved communities. Through the interactive workshops and informative sessions, the Menstrual Health and Hygiene Express imparts vital knowledge on proper menstrual hygiene practices, breaking down barriers and ensuring that no woman is left behind.

Empowering Through Education: UJAAS' Curriculum for Change

WHO emphasizes the importance of comprehensive menstrual hygiene education, not just as a health issue but as a human rights imperative. UJAAS' initiative incorporates a curriculum that addresses the biological aspects of menstruation so that people can understand that there is nothing untouchable about it. 

By collaborating with schools, colleges, and community centers, UJAAS will ensure a sustainable and widespread impact, fostering a generation of informed individuals unburdened by societal taboos.

From Silence to Strength: UJAAS' Vision for the Future

The Menstrual Health Express is not just a campaign; it's a transformative force that envisions an India where every menstruator, regardless of their socio-economic background, has access to the knowledge and resources they need to manage their menstrual health with dignity. With each move, UJAAS inches closer to realizing this vision, of changing the psyche and menstruation with dignity for all.


In conclusion, as we navigate the landscape of menstrual health in India, UJAAS stands as a pioneer of hope, dispelling darkness and illuminating the path toward a future where every menstruator can embrace their menstrual health with pride, knowledge, and affordability. The Menstrual Health Express is not just a vehicle; it's a flag bearer of change, ushering in an era of enlightenment, empowerment, and equality for all across the diverse tapestry of India.